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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the booking be transferred to another person?
Unfortunately this is not allowed by any international carrier, however some domestic flights allow you to transfer your booking to another person, but make sure you check with the airline first.

If my name has been spelled incorrectly at the initial booking, can I change it later?
Yes however you will incur additional charges if the tickets have been issued.

Is a bassinette always available for infants?
No, the bassinette is not always available, either due to its limited availability or the size of the aircraft.

Are meals automatically confirmed when a booking is made?
No. The passenger should make sure with the consultant that their meal preferences have been requested and confirmed. Whenever they make any changes before or after the issuing of a ticket, they should update the request with the consultant.

I need extra allowance on my luggage, can this be requested?
Not always. It is the airline’s decision whether to grant you extra allowance on your luggage or not.

Can I get the seats allocated when I make the booking?
Some airlines do have that facility, however it varies according to the class of the booking made.

What if I miss my flight, can I get an alternate flight?
Not always. For international travellers please make sure you check in 3 hours before travel. If you are not able to travel contact your agent at least 24 hours before departure to make any changes or to check whether the fare level you have booked allows you to make any changes.

What if I miss the flight in transit?
It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that they board their flight at the correct time. Please contact the airline help desk for alternative flights.

Can we request the agent to make changes after reaching my destination?
Not all airlines allow for such changes, please contact the airline help desk at your destination or email us.

Are all tickets refundable or changeable?
No, some promotional fares do not allow for changes or refunds.

How will I know if any flight timings have changed when we are in our holiday or destination?
Please provide your destination contact information during booking so that the airline or travel agent can notify you of any changes to your flight.

Will I incur additional charges to make changes to my return flight?
Not always as it depends on the seats availability.

I was so happy with your service, how can I contact Sri Krishna Travel?
Thank you so much, please click here.